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No problem we have the answers for you.  Take my online class is an extension of Academic Collective which is a leader in the academic writing industry.  We provide professional discrete essay writing for students.  We can assist you with a vast number of courses and subject matter.

How does Take My Online Class work?

It’s a really simple system you purchase a plan that is appropriate for your and then you submit your assignment directions to us on a weekly basis (generally at the start of the week) and then we begin providing you with new plagiarism free assignments, discussions, participations, or papers. 

Step 1.

Please send us your directions or syllabus. If you are buying multiple weeks or a complete course please only send the directions for the week you are in.

Step 2.

Send us your first week's directions. support@researchpapersandessays.com or use the contact form.  

Step 3. Relax- You are in good hands :)

What? Not ready. No problem- we have more information to help you decide. Read on!

What classes can we assist you with?

We provide writing assistance for a large number of courses including composition, ENG 101, creative writing, business papers, marketing and many more!

  • Strategic management – no problem!
  • Accounting – we got you covered!
  • English literature – no sweat!
  • Communications – absolutely!
  • Statistics – we can assist with that also!
  • Health Science – you’ll be fine!
  • Organizational development – were on it!
  • Almost any course you can think of we can handle.

We have taken over a 1000 courses and we provide timely discussions, participations, and conference responses.  We know that taking your online course is more than just writing the paper and we provide you with intelligent thoughtful responses to use in your courses.

Your Papers Formatted to Required Standards

We have written thousands of papers over the years that have helped many students get passing grades. This success has been born out of the fact that we follow the assignment instructions and rubrics.  All the papers we provide are written in whatever format you require including APA, Turabian, and MLA. You will never receive a paper written without citations or in the wrong format. We use the Microsoft Word Reference function to make sure that your paper is formatted properly. You wont worry about papers that are half formatted or getting points deducted because of an error in references.

Word Counts are Correct

Tired of getting papers that are missing a hundred or more words? Say goodbye to that problem. We meticulously write every paper such that it has the at least the minimum word count and we don’t just stop when the word count is reached.  We finish the paper properly and make sure the paper is properly concluded. If that means we run over by 100 words, then that is what we do. No other academic writing site on the WEB today will guarantee that you receive the proper amount of words. 

No Plagiarism Guaranteed!

Sick of buying papers only to find that they have been cut and pasted from the internet or some other source? You can kiss that problem goodbye! All papers are written 100% original and guaranteed to pass the plagiarism checkers. New original work is our gold standard for paper writing and we check every paper written using the same plagiarism checkers as your school.

How should I use a new paper?

A new paper or assignment is intended to be used as a study guide for helping you learn and write your own paper. While the paper is new- we urge you to rewrite the paper in your own words so that you can learn from the material. If you don’t learn from the material you will be creating issues for future classes that require the knowledge of prior courses.

What can you expect?

You can expect to receive a paper that is properly formatted and original new written material. You can expect to receive your papers and other work on time. You can also expect to be communicated with in a timely fashion and not made to wait 48 hours for a response to an email.  (No other site academic writing site on the web will give you this level of service!)  You can expect to get a passing grade.

What’s the fine print?

There is no fine print- we are telling you exactly what you will get. Will the paper be perfect? Not 100% because no paper is perfect. You might find a minor grammatical error or two in the paper but not enough to lose you an entire letter grade. The more time we have to write the papers and assignments, the less chance you have of any small errors.

Do you use a lot of quotes to fill the paper?

We use quotes unless the assignment instructions prohibit the use of them entirely.  What we don’t do is use quotes to fill the page or to get word counts. We use quotes correctly according to academic standards which is to state a point when it cannot otherwise be stated more perfectly or shows a relation of idea succinctly. All quotes are formatted and identified according to APA or whatever standard you need.

Do you count reference pages towards word counts or directions?

Believe it or not most schools count reference pages as part of an assignment and we do when we know which schools the assignments belong. Unless the directions prohibit the counting of reference pages we typically include them. If the directions prohibit then we don’t count them. It’s that simple.

Is this the right service for me?

We deal with a wide range of clients most of which are professional, military, or other people who are obtaining a degree because they need one for promotion purposes. The majority of our clientele are only seeking a degree because they cannot advance in their position or paygrade without a diploma or advanced degree.


We cater to military because soldiers are often deployed, and school is difficult to maintain when one is in constant travel. Military is one of the customers that benefit from our service the most because they can obtain their promotion points as well as completing their degree while in service.

Government Workers

Many of our customers are government workers who in recent years were required to obtain higher education despite having years of service. Without higher education most of these workers would not be eligible for increased pay scales.

Foreign Students Struggling with English as Their First Language

We assist many English learners with their paper writing because of obvious differences in languages. These are tough situations and we understand the problem. If a foreign student fails a particular course because of one paper, they must pay enormous tuition fees again as well as housing other costs.  We eliminate this worry.

What don’t you write?

We will write about most topics, but we do have our limitations. We typically do not do papers for advanced science or technical courses such as chemistry or high-level statistics. We don’t do math work either, but we can recommend people who will do this work.  If you have advanced courses in technology, accounting, or math or science work you should contact us prior to purchase.

Is my information safe?

Yes, we do not share or sell your information to any other company. Your identity and personal information will be kept private.

What about copyright?

All material written by Academic Collective is the intellectual property of Academic Collective unless you have contacted us and purchased the rights to the material. You are purchasing the material we write as a study guide only and it is to be used in this manner and not for resale.  This material is not authorized to be posted on any website other than Academic Collective or its websites. Please do not resell or post the work on any other site because it will be a copyright violation.

Why should I buy a new paper?

Learning to write a paper requires a great deal of effort. This learning process can be made more difficult if you are using the wrong material or tools. Many people buy used papers in order to have a model or a sample paper work with. While this idea seems logical, but the problem is that if the person buys a paper that is of poor quality, they are going spend enormous amounts of time trying to correct the writing. In the worst case, the student will learn bad practices in the process. There are numerous writing services available on the WEB and some of these services are excellent, but many of these companies and individuals are extremely bad at writing. Because there is such a large online market for writing, there are many people who are selling research papers and articles that have no business selling them. If you are unlucky enough to have purchased a paper from one of these people or companies, you will quickly learn that the purchase was a waste of money and time.

Used papers are often so poorly written that they are almost impossible to read. Many of these papers are old and have been rewritten so many times that they have become nonsensical. Many of these writing services will purchase good papers and then use a thesaurus to change the wording. They also use software called spinner programs which perform the same function. After an essay has gone through this process, the result is a paper that is so poorly written that it should fail the grading of most teachers. Sadly, depending upon the school that you go to, this may not be the case. In many instances, these papers will pass with a low C or even D. This is due to the fact that teachers are often overworked or have become apathetic to the problem and simply don’t care.  From the student standpoint, this is a very bad situation because he or she now believes that these papers are useful and effective. The student will continue purchasing these papers and trying to rewrite them or even just turn them in, until they are caught.

If you purchase a paper that is poorly written, and you are an inexperienced writer, you will have a daunting task of trying to correct and rewrite the paper. The whole idea of buying the paper was to purchase a working model that you can learn from, but instead you are now using an inferior paper and will learn nothing. Worse yet, (this happens more than you might think) a person will purchase a paper and rewrite it using a thesaurus and end up being accused of plagiarism.  One might question how this situation could occur, but it is very simple. If a paper is only 700 words long and it has been rewritten using a thesaurus many times, then the paper is going to end up repeating phrases and sentences. There are only so many variations of words that can be used in this process with a limited word count of 700. Each time a paper goes through a plagiarism checker that particular paper is recorded. It is entirely possible to purchase a paper, use a thesaurus, and duplicate what someone else has written.  This will happen if that paper has gone through this process multiple times. This is why you need to purchase a new original paper for the purpose of rewrite.

Buying a new paper and using it as a model ensures that you will not waste time or run the risk of getting into trouble with your school.  You will gain a better understanding of vocabulary and proper writing mechanics because you are using a quality paper. You will not have to worry about plagiarism or trying to rewrite something that is impossible to read.  If you purchase a new quality paper and rewrite it, you will find this is actually easier and less time consuming than trying to rewrite a poorly constructed paper.

The idea behind purchasing a paper is to use it as a model or template to assist you with creating your own paper. It is counterproductive to purchase a poorly written paper and use it for this purpose. So unless you are just buying papers, turning them in, and hoping for the best; you should really invest in quality new papers.

Buying new papers may be difficult for some people because of budget limitations. If you must purchase used papers due to economics, then be sure that they are of good quality.  The only service we suggest is ours because we can be trusted.  All used papers from Academic Collective eventually get posted on our main site. If you need a used paper or assignment, please send us a message and we will send you a link to the proper page. Just be sure to rewrite the paper otherwise you won’t learn anything and run the risk of getting in trouble with your school.

Are you ready for us to take your online class or do your paper?  If you are great- let’s get started.

Please send us your directions or syllabus. If you are buying multiple weeks or a complete course please only send the directions for the week you are in. - copy

Still not convinced?  No problem, we understand that this is an important decision. Perhaps you need a sample of our writing. Okay how about this for a discussion question response:

All our discussion responses are written using proper formatting for the school as well as having citations.  Our papers are of similar quality as you can see in this example:

Have we covered it all? I think so, but if you have more questions please feel free to send us a message using the form below. At Academic Collective we strive to provide students like you with the highest quality papers and to make sure that your classes are completed properly.  Don’t use other cheap services when you can be sure to get the best possible grade using our many years of experience in academic writing. Order now and start getting grades you need!