PSY 480 Week 4 Professional Interview and Response

PSY 480 Week 4 Professional Interview and Response

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Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Professional Interview and Response Guidelines for assignment guidelines. Interview two helping service professionals from two different settings, such as a school, hospital, or prison. Ensure that at least one of the interviewees is a clinical psychologist. Provide the name and work environment of the two professionals you interviewed. Ask the following questions to each of your interviewees: • In what setting do you practice? How long have you been practicing? • What are your specialties or areas of clinical focus? • What are the most common disorders you treat? • Do you have any special certifications or training beyond your original graduate coursework? • How do you approach therapy or treatment? Do you use specific modalities, techniques, or interventions? • What ethical and legal issues do you think are the most challenging or common? • Do you have an opinion on where you think the field of psychology is heading? • What do you enjoy most about your work? • What advice would you provide an aspiring psychologist or therapist? Discuss, in a 350- to 700-word response, the similarities and differences of how these professionals approach treatment in their settings. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


In an interview with a ... who specializes in drug and alcohol ... ideas were highlighted through the interview. Perhaps the most ... was the idea of using a ... Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue and the rates of recovery are low. What seems to ... group counseling techniques. In many instances, patients must be ... have co-occurring illnesses such as bi-polar disorder and addiction to a substance. While both school ... under the clinical psychological heading, each perform extremely focused ... must still abide by the same ethics and utilize the same tools such as ... shows how there is a need to specialize in specific areas of psychology and ... to treat or work with all issues.