PSY 405 Psychodynamic Theories Brochure

PSY 405 Psychodynamic Theories Brochure

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Psychodynamic Theories

Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Here is a suggested format for a tri-fold brochure (front and back on 1 page, folded in thirds): 1. Title and your name 2. Describe personality and how psychodynamic is a part of overall personality theory 3. Describe Freudian theory (very brief, main points of theory, pros/cons) 4. Jung 5. Adler 6. Summarize including any thoughts on overall strengths/weaknesses, and put your references including photo/graphic references (see PowerPoint Hints for reference formating). A brochure typically has 3 folds (you can do 2). Use a Word Template for ease. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


One of the fundamental concepts concerning ... was the ... believed that as a person everyone has an area of weakness. This weakness expresses itself through ... and also in the way that people are motivated. According to ... means to feel oneself inferior. The child comes into the world as a helpless little creature surrounded by .... A child is motivated by feelings of ... to strive for greater things. Those feelings of inferiority activate a person to strive upward so that ... inferiority impel the human being to solve his or her... the inferiority complex impedes or prevents one from doing so (Kowalski & Westen, 2009).