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Whether you are writing an English, Business, or marketing paper, there are times when you may need assistance with research. Purchasing a quality essay can be one of the best ways to improve and help your college writing.  There are a variety of reasons why you might need to purchase a new research paper such as needing a model, lack of contextual understanding, and for basic research assistance. The largest reasons have to do with cost and time.

For University and College Students

In order to help students with their courses Academic Collective now offers a complete course writing plan for university level courses. The Complete Course Writing Plan provides students with the most up-to-date assignments and discussion/conference questions.  For students seeking to have a new complete study guide, this is the best option. 

No Plagiarism Assignments - For Essay Writing, Research & Term Papers, and Discussions

No Plagiarism Assignments - For Essay Writing, Research & Term Papers, and Discussions

Research Paper and Essay's weekly subscription service includes 3 discussion questions, 6 participations, and 1 assignment. This complete course writing plan is the best bet for students looking to have the most relevant, original, and correct study guides.

How does it work?


Students who purchase this package will need to submit their weekly work and they will begin receiving their new study guides within 48 hours. Your paper will arrive within 72 hours. It is that simple!  If you purchase your weekly subscription early in the week you will have plenty of time to work with the material prior to its due dates. Work is guaranteed to be new and plagiarism free!

Okay, so how much is this going to cost?

The price for a complete course subscription starts at $80 per week. This low price will save you tons of time and energy. No complicated automated billing and no contracts to sign.  Simply pay as you go for service! But if you really want to save money- buy a our most popular new essay writing plan for five weeks and save about a $100 .  ;)

So let’s go over this one more time…

3-Discussion Question answers that are at least 150 words in length. 6-participations that are a minimum of 100 words in length. 1-weekly assignment written correctly and plagiarism free. (max 1200 words for Bachelors and 2100 for Masters)

Where do I sign up?

If you are ready to purchase, you can purchase your complete course subscription here. If the cost for the complete course subscription it too high or just need a used course, you can most likely get the used course here. If you don’t see the complete course just contact us.

I’m still not sold. Explain how this works in greater detail.   

No problem, say it’s the beginning of the week, Monday, and you have the following DQs and Assignment. All you need to do at this point is purchase your weekly subscription and send these directions in an email. Within 48 hours you will begin receiving your new material.  All the directions will be followed and all the work will be new and plagiarism free.

What if I submit late in the week?

If you purchase your subscription on a Wed you may not receive all your assignments and DQs until Friday. Although we try to get the work done as fast as possible we reserve the 48 hour window for completion. If you need to get work done faster than 48 hours, you should contact us directly using the Custom Work Form.

I am sold, where do I order my subscription?

Great! You can get your subscription now. If you still have questions then contact us.

Still Needing a New Research Paper or Essay?

Today, going back to college has become mandatory for most people.  The necessity for higher education has filled the classrooms of colleges such as DeVry and University of Phoenix.  Receiving higher education can be a great thing for many people, but it also has been a curse for many individuals. Many of the students returning to college or going for the first time are older and have been removed from an academic setting for some time. Many of these students are simply not prepared for school and what tends to happen is that they enter a university (typically online) and find themselves completely lost.  Writing papers and discussion question answers can be a daunting task due to the fact that the student, in many cases, does not remember APA formatting or has fallen out of practice with proper writing techniques and standards. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in this position, you will quickly realize that you need writing assistance.  It is at this juncture that most students begin looking for help, but sadly do not find help and are instead inundated with websites and social media outlets that claim to provide fast easy solutions such as used papers. While a used paper can be helpful in these instances it normally is not because most of these sites are nothing more than plagiarism mills that churn out papers that have been either cut-and-pasted together from the internet or have been written by non-English speaking individuals who are simply trying to make money. Buying papers such as this are absolutely useless since they are poorly written and the student will not be able to use them except to turn them in and hope for the best. Sadly, this method works a large amount of the time and students are misled into thinking that they will not have a problem. Eventually, these papers will either get you thrown out of school or will land you with a terrible grade. In either instance, you are looking at a loss of thousands of dollars and more importantly you will have learned nothing. It is for this reason, that you need purchase high quality essays and discussions.

Once you make purchase we will contact you for the directions. Please be sure to check your spam folder.    Once we have the directions we will complete the assignment.  Please be sure to check your email as we will not be responsible for messages not received due to spam or if you give us an incorrect email.  All new papers come with references, fully cited, and in proper APA format.

What topics does a new research paper or essay  cover? Almost anything!
Here is a sample of some of the many classes and topics that can be covered in a new essay writing plan: ACC 280, ACC 340, ACC 353, ACC 400, ACC 561, ACCT 504, ACCT 505, AED 202, Art, ARTH, BCOM 275, BEH 225, BEHS, BIO 101, BIO 102, BIO 103, BIOL 102-103, BIOL 103, BIO 160, BIOL 301, Biology, BIS 219, BIS 220, BIS 221, BIS 303, BMGT 372, BMGT 380, BMGT 454, BMGT 495, BPA 301, BPA 302, BPA 303, BPA 406, BSHS 373, BUS 210, BUS 415, BUS 475, Business, Case Studies, CIS 207, CJA 210, CJA 220, CJA 230, CJA 240, CJA 250, CJA 260, CJA 335, CJA 330, Criminal Justice, CJA 335, CJS 300, CJS 335, CJS 200, CJS 210, CJA 210, CJS 220, CJS 230, CJS 240, CJS 250, CJS 260, CJS 270, CJA 334, COM 100, COM 155, COM 156, COM 219, COM 220, COM 285, COMM 208, COMM 3747, COMM 470, Computer Science, Critical Thinking, DBST 651, Drama, ECO 101, ECO 212, ECON 201, Economics, ENG 1101, ENG 225, ENGL 510, ENVS 3000, EPM 4200, EPM 4500, ETH 125, ETH 316, Environmental Science, Film, FIN 324, FIN 370, FIN 390, FIN 515, Financial and Estate Planning, FP 101, GEN 200, GEN 480, HCA 210, HCA 220, HCA 240, HCA 250, HCA 333, HCA 497, HCAD 600, HCAD 650, HCR 220, Healthcare, HIS 125, HIS 145, HIS 301, HIST 2001, HRM 330, HRMN 400, HRMN 406, HRMN 420, Human Resources, HSM 210, HSM 220, HSM 230, HSM 240, HSM 260, HSM 270, HSM 280, HSM 541, HSM 542, HSM 544, HSM 546, HUM 111, HUM 114, HUM 130, HUM 150, HUM 176, IFSM 201, IFSM 300, Intelligence, ISCOM 471, IT 205, LAS 432, LAW, LDR 301, LIFC 202, Marketing 3000, Media, Communications, MGMT 3444, MGMT 350, MGMT 530, MGMT 591, MGMT 731, MGT 216, MGT 230, MGT 300, MGT 307, MGT 230, MGT 330, MGT 350, MGT 380, MGT 401, MGT 418, MGT 431, MGT 434, MGT 437, MGT 445, MGT 448, MGT 449, MGT 465, MGT 498, MIS 535, MKT 421, MKTG 522, MMPBL 500, MMPBL 501, MMPBL 502, MMPBL 520, MMPBL 530, NUR 405, NUR 408, NUR 492, PE 560, PE 582, PHI 105, PHL 251, PHL 323, PHL 458, POL 443, POL 469, PROJ 598, PSY 103, PSY 201, PSY 210, PSY 211, PSY 220, PSY 221, PSY 230, PSY 240, PSY 265, PSY 270, PSY 280, PSY 300, PSY 301, PSY 310, PSY 315, PSY 340, PSY 355, PSY 375, PSY 428, Psychology, PSY 475, PSYC 351, PSY 400, PSY 401, PSY 410, PSY 415, PSY 450, PSY 460, PSY 490, Public Administration, REL 134, Religion, RES 320, RES 341, RES #$@, RES 351, SCI 100, Statistics, SCI 100, SCI 162, SCI 220, SCI 230, SCI 241, SCI 256, SCI 275, SCI 362, SOC 1000, SOC 120, SOC 315, Sociology, TEC 401, US 101, WRTG 390, WRTG 391, XACC 280, XACC 290, XACC 291, XBCOM 275, XBIS 220, XBIS 221, XMGT 216, XMGT 230. English, Composition, and many more!

There are some stipulations (of course) for example there are No Math or Chemistry Courses and you should really contact us first to determine if the accounting, computer, TEC, and IT courses are covered.  In most instances they are but there are some extremely difficult classes that we do not work with.

New University Papers and Essays have Many Benefits 
One of the largest issues with university writing is that students lack a contextual understanding of the subject they are writing about.   One of the largest problems facing many students today is the lack of understanding of what is expected from their research papers and projects. The problem is that the directions for many assignments and research papers assume that the person has many fundamental education requirements such as grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension, etc… This is a problem because many of today’s college students lack these basic skills and when they look at the directions for a paper they become lost. The problem is due to the fact that directions can be confusing and ambiguous. Often students are required to write new papers and essays concerning their point of view on subjects (which they do not have, since they are studying the subject) and they are being asked to write this description in a proper APA format which often overrides the actual subject matter. Essentially, the assignments can be confusing to any entry level student because they are being asked to write about their understanding of the subject matter rather than being told to research it. A far better approach to this essay writing would be to have the student write a paragraph about something simple like “what I like or dislike about marketing in my organization.” There is also another solution to this situation. If you need help learning how to write the paper and formatting it, then you might want to invest in a new paper to use as a model. A new paper should be used as a blueprint or template for students to write the paper and understand the assignment requirements.  The paper should be rewritten in their own words in order to learn how to paraphrase and expand their vocabulary.  By rewriting a paper a student will benefit from learning how to format and construct the paper as well as learning new vocabulary and proper mechanics. This will advance their ability to write future papers. By following this format, students will quickly learn how to write their own papers. Now some schools put a great deal of effort into bringing students up to speed with these skills.  For example, University of Phoenix students in their first college level writing courses. This is a good approach but the problem for many students is that they are trying to learn or relearn these basic skills and the length of the course is simply too short. Writing skills and comprehension takes many students a long time to learn and refine and trying to do it in one or two 9 week courses proves to be too difficult. This is where purchasing a well written new paper or essay can really assist you as a student. By purchasing a new paper and rewriting it, a student will develop a better understanding of what is expected of the assignment directions and will enhance their writing skills through the rewriting process. But there are still even more reasons to purchase a new essay or writing assignment.  

Basic Research For Writing Original Papers and Essays
One major reason that you may find yourself buying a new research paper is due to the fact that you need help with research. Much like the writing process, the research process can be daunting to many students. Buying a paper eliminates a large amount of problems for many students because they can use the references and learn how these sources tie in with the paper. Of course you will want to learn how to perform academic research but you will first need a fundamental understanding of how sources prove or disprove concepts in a paper. Once you have seen how sources are properly used in a paper you will quickly be able to start using sources properly and know where they need to be placed
As you can see, there are many different reasons why a person would buy a new paper. Depending upon your circumstance and your level of knowledge concerning writing, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to purchase a paper. If you find you need help with your research papers and essays, please do not hesitate to ask. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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